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Tunna App 1.3.3 Update

The latest update to Tunna, version 1.3.3, introduces significant improvements in configuration management and resource utilization. These enhancements contribute to the overall stability and reliability of the application, marking a departure from the methods used in previous versions and including advanced health checks. What’s New Health Checks and Performance Version 1.3 features seamless health checks that operate in the background without disrupting existing tunnel connections. These checks use a separate, disposable Xray Core instance optimized with specifically tailored buffers and timeouts for efficient performance....

April 27, 2024 · 2 min · 263 words · The Dev

Tunna App 1.2.1 Update

This latest update introduces significant enhancements to the Tunna app, including the integration with Xray Core, allowing for seamless configuration updates and outbound switching without tunnel restarts. Key features include support for the Shadowsocks protocol and the SIP002 URL scheme, asynchronous processing of xray datasets for smoother UI, and enhanced notification management for both foreground and background activities. Additionally, internal app errors are now efficiently logged, and the outbound data model has been refactored for future multi-outbound routing capabilities....

January 25, 2024 · 2 min · 304 words · The Dev

TestFlight Enrollment for Tunna App

🔗 Join Tunna TestFlight Tunna is a VPN client that supports a variety of protocols like Vless, VMESS, and Trojan, thanks to Xray Core technology. It’s designed to help you smoothly navigate through censored networks and access content without restrictions. Join us in improving Tunna and ensuring a reliable VPN experience for everyone. We appreciate your support and feedback!

January 11, 2024 · 1 min · 59 words · The One

Tunna App Upcoming 1.1.0 Update

The latest update to the Tunna app introduces a practical and user-focused feature - the integration of native Xray and V2ray datasets in iOS On-Demand Rules. What’s New The core of this update is the ability to include domain datasets directly into the iOS On-Demand Rule. This allows for the dynamic application of rules based on comprehensive and customizable domain lists. Utilizing the protobuf library, the app efficiently parses codes, offering users a simplified selection process through a picker in the rules section....

January 10, 2024 · 2 min · 253 words · The One, The Dev